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Articles About Adolescent Dogs

We hope you enjoy reading our articles on understanding and caring for your adolescent dog.

Canine Adolescence

cheeky dog barkingFrom around 5 months to 18 months approx. your puppy will begin his/her move into Canine Adolescence, you can’t stop it.

This is the stage between puppy-hood and adulthood.

Your once responsive puppy has gone deaf overnight! All of a sudden he won't come, won't sit, won't settle down and stay. He jumps up, pulls and chews on lead, and has become hyperactive. When you unclip his lead, he bounds around non-stop, as he plays ’catch me if you can’!

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Canine Rivalry

canine rivalryCanine rivalry appears between dogs when there is instability in the hierarchy.

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Dog Park Alternative

Dogs do not have to visit off leash dog parks to drain energy, exercise or socialize.

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High Energy Dogs

eager dog waitingControlling a high energy, turbo charged dog

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Off Leash Dog Parks

Off Leash Dog Parks can be very controversial,  behaviour, etiquette or incident. 

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