centenary dog obedience

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Advanced Course

Monday         8pm

Start date:-    10th September, 2018

Training Fees  $50

Centenary Dog Obedience Advanced Dog Training Course will motivate, stimulate and energise both handler and canine. You’ll be mentally and physically challenged in each of the three training sessions.  

This premier class is the next level up from our Basic Obedience Course, the ultimate professional education for you and your dog.

Problem Solving

Together we'll work on problems associated with your dog and the environment. Homework, our speciality.

Your goal

  • To train your dog, to respond to commands without hesitation.
  • To become a team, working with your dog, on lead and off lead.
  • To be aware of  body language, canine communication and problem-solving.

Our goal

To give you the information and structure that is the hallmark of advanced dog training at CENTENARY DOG OBEDIENCE.

All dogs have the capacity to learn, with no exception of age or breed.

Dogs understand the power and the fun that can be had, when the pack is in tact.

This class is your safety net, for everything dog.

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