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Canine Articles

We hope you enjoy reading our selection of articles to better understand and care for your dog during all life stages.

Saying Goodbye

companion passingOur canine companions really do become more than, just a dog, they become family members.

It’s hard to ever imagine, at some stage, we may have to make a decision to humanely say goodbye.

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Summertime Tips

When the mercury rises,

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Building Trust & Respect

Building respect and trust in any canine, starts the moment you bring him into your home.

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Ten Months

At 10months

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senior dogAs our dogs move into their senior years, their health and stamina slowly decline, becoming more sensitive to change, physically and mentally. Adapting to stresses and diversity in their environment can become a source of major concern for our ageing canines.

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Bones & Dogs

Raw meaty bones are vital for growth and development.

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Christmas Puppy Pie

Christmas Puppy Pie

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Meet and Greet

Puppy to puppy meeting - Dog to dog greetings

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Benefits of Chew Toys

How many toys does your puppy have in his toy box?    dog with toy       

Does he know them all by name? Does he have a preference?

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Anxiety in Dogs

Panting, pacing, drooling can all be linked to ‘anxiety’ in a dog.

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Christmas Homework!

Christmas Homework!

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Touching & Handling

All canines enjoy hand contact.
touching dog

It's extremely important puppies learn to thoroughly enjoy being touched / handled by family members and strangers.

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Hot Spots

Hot Spots surface, as weeping red rashes that appear anywhere on your dog's body.

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Christmas Bucket List for your Canine Companion

Christmas Bucket List

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Puppy Check List

puppyThe number one priority for you and your family members... know where your puppy is 24/7 for the first month.

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Does Your Family Know?

Does your Family Know?

If you can't be around to manage your canine companion...................

Where the dog food is stored in your home?

What quantity to feed your dog.

Remember to wash and refill the water bowl.

Approximately what time does he eats? Why you don't leave kibble out for him to graze.

What time he goes for a walk and where he walks? Where are the poop bags located in your home.

Where is the collar and lead located. How to apply the Nosey.

When his next vaccination is due?

Tick & Worm treatment - due date.

Name and contact details of - your vet.

Emergency - What to do.

Boarding Kennels - Contact details.

Where his grooming basket is located for his daily brush.

Complete the poop pick up around the yard.


Time to make a list for your family, today.

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Chewing is a boredom buster. Dogs enjoy having things in their mouths.

Chewing relieves stress

Chewing assists a dog to explore his world.

Chewing relieves painful teething in a young dog.

Chewing is fun for a dog. 

To be continued


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Feeding Fruit & Vegetables to Dogs

dog eating fruitFeeding fresh vegetables and fruit is good for your canine companions teeth, coat, bones, eyesight, and overall health.

Fruits and vegetables can provide your dog with essential vitamins and minerals in a natural form, rather than as a supplement.

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Puppies & Children

Whether the new addition to your family is of the canine kind or the human kind, successful parenting is the key.

Reward good behavior always, engage in communication, discipline when necessary, be aware of body language from your dog, no puffed up chest, no flagging tail, adopt a calm approach.

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