centenary dog obedience

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Clipping & Grooming Workshop

Workshop Duration:
Learn how to clip and groom your own dog in our informative 2 hour ’hands on’ workshop.




Fees: $95

groomed dogBring your furry friend along and learn:

  • The safe and skillful use of electric clippers
  • setting yourself up for success
  • how to start clipping your dog
  • where to start clipping your dog
  • how to manage your dog on the table
  • staying positive
  • different size blades for different coat types
  • paw and pad care
  • nail clipping
  • feet trimming
  • face trimming
  • identifying skin and coat conditions
  • bathing
  • brushing
  • de-matting
  • ear plucking and eye care

nail clippingWhat to expect from our Clipping & Grooming Workshop

  • Individual assessment
  • Blade selection and safety for your dog
  • Identifying tricky parts of the dogs’ body
  • Scissor selection
  • Step by step instruction
  • An informative and fun 2 hour Workshop.

Products available for sale.

This is a ‘hands on’ workshop held under cover.

No more expensive trips to the groomers!

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