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Expectant Mums & Dogs Workshop

Workshop Duration:
Our hands-on workshop runs for an hour.

By appointment

Fees: $85

If you are pregnant and own a dog, your chemistry can trigger changes in the way your dog reacts to you and other family members.

Our Expectant Mums and Dogs Workshop will address any concerns you may have, and give you the training tools necessary to control your dog when baby arrives.

While some dogs pick up on the transformation of your scent, your shape and the environment, others remain oblivious to the entire changes going on around them!

We pride ourselves with this very special program, designed specifically for you, as an expectant mum, your partner and your dog.

What's covered in the Expectant Mums & Dogs Workshop:expectant mums and dogs

  • Review known commands and basic obedience skills
  • Introduce hand signals and no go zones
  • Desensitize to baby sounds
  • Dog designated area
  • Toys………………dogs………………baby
  • Dog and dads role
  • The homecoming

What to expect from our Expectant Mums & Dogs Workshop:

  • Preparing you for motherhood, with your dog in mind.
  • Understanding changes - scent - shape - environment
  • Control of your dog in your home.
  • Support after the Workshop.

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