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Frequently Asked Questions

About dog training at Centenary Dog Obedience

Why train my dog?

When a dog is formally trained, - he understands commands - he responds to instruction - he listens - he comes when called - he is a pleasure to be around - he is a welcome member of the family and the community

Can my children assist in the training of our dog?

Yes. Your children represent the next generation. You are encouraging responsible dog ownership. Taking care of the family dog, will bring respect and a special connection. We do encourage an adult to become the main trainer in class.

How many dogs are in each class?

Our classes average 14 dogs with their owners, maximising individual attention.

How often should I train my dog?

Daily, we recommend 2, ten minute sessions daily.

Where should I train my dog?

In a quiet location, away from distraction.

How do we maintain the training?

Be consistent with your rules. Be consistent with your training sessions.

What is the next level of training?

Puppy clients can move up to Basic Obedience, Basic Obedience clients can move up to Advanced Class or Agility

What diet do you recommend?

We feed our dogs BLACKHAWK Lamb & Rice Holistic Dog Food. It is a complete and balanced, super premium pet food 100% Australian made for all life stages of dogs.

How much does it cost to train my dog at CDO?

Training fees: Puppy Pre-School - $90 for a 4 week course or $25 casual. Our 6 week Basic Obedience Course - $155 Workshops $55 Agility $10

What happens if I can't make a class?

Credits are issued with the date of your make-up class.

What happens if it rains?

Training goes ahead undercover.

What collar would be suitable?

We have 4 different types of collars for you to try, if necessary.

What method of training do you undertake?

We encourage reward based training.

Do all dogs have to be up to date with their vaccination?

Yes, proof of vaccination is required

Is information available on subject matter?

Yes, you receive a homework/information sheet at the end of each session, along with articles on our website.

Does my dog have to be restrained in the car?

Absolutely, it is an offence to have your dog unstrained in your car. We have travel traps available.

What to do if:

  • My dog won't come when I call him?
  • My dog jumps up, how can I stop that behaviour?
  • How can I stop my dog from digging holes?
  • My 2 dogs want to fight each other, what can I do?

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