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Phew..........that silent but deadly toot that creeps through the air

without a trace! Could it be emanating from your canine companion, who appears to be oblivious to the stench!


The formation of gas in the stomach or intestine is referred to, as flatulence. In the normal intestinal system, gas is formulated on a regular bases. Sometimes the gas is produced much more rapidly and in excess. A change in diet or problems digesting certain foods can be the cause.

A poor quality diet can contribute to excessive gas.

Dogs that gulp their meal and swallow a lot of air can also suffer from excessive gas. Let's face it, if they swallow all that air, it has to come out somewhere!

Prevent your dog from wolfing down his meal by feeding smaller, more frequent servings, in a slow feed bowl. Raise the bowl off the ground to just below chest height.

Foods loaded with spices can cause flatulence.

Feeding dairy products can produce gas.

Food that has passed it’s use by date, can produce, gas.

Overweight dogs and our senior citizens are at a higher risk of developing flatulence.

Eliminate any additional foods and stick strictly to a high quality complete diet that is highly digestible.

A vet check is always a good option, if the problem persists.



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