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Puppy Pre-School

Start anytime, Saturday or Monday, no waiting to enroll in our comprehensive puppy training program. Puppy training promotion.

Make a booking for Monday, attend Saturday morning, no charge. Make a booking for Saturday, attend Monday evening, no charge.

Bookings essential

puppy preschool classesCourse Duration:
1hr class, held once a week for 4 weeks

When: 2019
Start anytime. 

No waiting, in our rolling start.
Saturday -  7:30am
Monday  -  7:00pm

Fees: $100

Puppies from 6 - 16 weeks are invited to join our 4 week comprehensive Puppy Training program... anytime!

Socialization is maximized with our no waiting, rolling start. 

We believe foundation training for puppies improves their temperament and strengthens the bond between owner and puppy, resulting in a friendly confident adult dog.

Unwanted behaviours can develop at a rapid rate without adequate and informed training.

puppy runningWhat to expect from our puppy program

  • toilet training
  • jumping up
  • nipping
  • whining
  • barking
  • diet
  • grooming
  • leave
  • confidence building
  • lead walking
  • travel safety
  • magic mat
  • boredom busters
  • basic commands


Each graduating puppy will receive a certificate, and a


Our goal is to ensure you receive all the knowledge and assistance you require to start life out on the right paw with your new canine companion.

Bookings essential

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