centenary dog obedience

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Terms & Conditions

1. All dogs to remain on lead, at all times, unless under instruction. 

2. Please clean up after your dog, plastic bags are available [on the black buckets] Place bags in our black buckets on verandah.

3. We reserve the right to handle, correct and take control of any dog on our grounds.

4. Should your dog be aggressive, please wait for attention.

5. Current Vaccination certificates must be viewed.

6. Respect property, other handlers, equipment and our canine companions.

7. Dogs to be restrained in your vehicle.- Travel Straps available. 

8. Training grounds to be kept clean and tidy at all times.

9. Visitors to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

10. Cruelty will not be tolerated.

11. Parents to be responsible for their children.

12. Club house off limits, unless seeking toilets or under instruction.

13. Receipts issued on request.

14. Wet weather: Training will be conducted on the Verandah, credits issued for non attendance. No training in storms. 

15. Equipment: No refund or exchange.

16. Suitable footware to be worn. [closed in shoes/joggers]

17. No smoking on premises.

18. Clients experiencing problems, email a request for an early start to class.

19. Credits expire 3 months from original class date for Obedience lessons..

20. Female dogs in season will not be permitted on the grounds.

21. No refunds on Courses-credits issued. No credit exchange for equipment. Workshop deposit -non refundable, non transferable.

22. Missed classes - Obedience - credit issued.

23. Missed classes - Puppy Pre-School - extended by one week.