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Basic Obedience Course Testimonials

July 2019:-

Would you please pass onto Steve my sincere appreciation for his effort during the recent Obedience Couse that finished on Saturday. He was fantastic and provided us with the key tools to ensure that our relationship with our pet (Teddy-Poodle x) is enjoyable. Without Steve’s advice I would have been struggling with an unruly dog.
I will continuing Teddy’s training to ensure he remembers all the commands and encouragement that Steve has provided the tools for us.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your organisation to any of my friends.


Ian Hutcheson


After loosing her husband, Megan's American Staffy became out of control, as he to, was grieving the loss.

I cannot thank you enough – you honestly have made the world of difference to our home life. It’s been ‘one more thing’ to deal with Tyson, but I feel empowered now to get on top of all of this, and I am SO deeply grateful. Megan

Well after an hour of Tiger putting on her best show of naughtiness ever last Saturday, Kathy suggested a Halti, and now I have a different dog! She hardly needs any correcting on walks now. Amazing! I am actually really relieved because walking her was a bit of a problem. So Thank you Kathy!

Cheers, Monique.
Tiger – Whippet

Hi Lee,

I just wanted to thank for your the dog obedience training that you gave us and Leaf over the last 6 weeks. We really appreciated your professional, but very approachable and helpful manner! It was great to be a part of the classes and we definitely feel Leaf has come a really long way and things have gone really well. So, thanks again for offering such a great service and all the best for the future!

Sam & Hannah
Leaf – Maltese x

Thanks for your help - it really was causing me stress and now I can enjoy my beautiful dog again without the stress.

Kind regards,
Cath & Charlie Dachshund

Hi Lee,.

Thanks again to you, Kathy and Steve for the amazing job you do with our dogs. The changes in Patchy are amazing and his behaviour is so much better. He is such a wonderful dog.

We were at the dog park yesterday and some of the dogs were getting a bit rough so we called Patchy to come to us while the owners were sorting their dogs out. Patchy came straight away and sat and stayed until we told him he could go again. 6 weeks ago that would never have happened with him.

Thanks again, looking forward to coming back for Top Up classes.

Kelly (and Patchy – Kelpie x)

We really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.


Hi Lee,

I finished your basic obedience class last Saturday with Hollie. Just want to pass on some feedback that I didn't get a chance to say on Saturday. Firstly thank you for your time and professionalism. I think your classes are really good.

Secondly a big thank you to Steve...he is an excellent asset to your company. He is tough, fair, straight down the line, but also his classes are fun and keep you engaged for the whole time. I think he is very good at what he does.

Thirdly I would actually like you to show this to Kathy. She, on so many occasions came to help me with Hollie. I have a bit of a confidence problem which in turn filtered through to Hollie which I think Kathy picked up on. On numerous occasions she came and chatted to me and gave me confidence and encouragement and steered me in the right direction with Hollie. I cannot stress enough how amazing she is and she was very patient and kind to me and I really appreciate everything she did. She helped me more than I think she knows coz a few times I felt like leaving as I felt that Hollie and I were disrupting the class (they were the times that Hollie was sick). But everytime she came out and put me back on track so I could keep going. She made me feel like I could pick myself up and get on with it.

So I would really appreciate it if you could show this to Kathy and Steve because credit is definitely due to both of them.

Thank you Lee,

Lisa [Labrador]

Just to let you know that Lucy[Poodle] is doing SOOOO well, we can't thank you enough, best $100 we ever spent!! What an improvement! You were soo good, I nearly asked you who you were walking and what had you done with my dog!!

Lucy is now much more manageable on walks and at restaurants etc. It will be a lot more work before she can be trusted off leash around strangers but she is already a different dog. Still wants to get in and kill but can be restrained very easily and I can even make her sit quietly in front of a fence where a dog is going ballistic on the other side!! I am so happy as we love her so much and just didn't know how to fix the aggressive behaviour but now she has learnt the 'Leave it' command she is a joy to walk once more and Elly is much happier too as Lucy used to get her quite scared. All good news, thanks to you and your expertise and help.

Thank you so much for everything and giving us back our lovely little rescue dog. My husband is flabbergasted!!

Lee Henri


Took my second dog through Centenary Dog Obedience Basic Obedience 6 week course (wish I'd done it with my first) and it's made a massive difference to the control we have. And we had already done puppy school at Petbarn. Helped me understand better the need for pack structure and how to make it work effectively. They explain really well how to combine reward and discipline to get the best improvement in behaviour. I now have my dog walking on a lead without pulling (the main reason I went), and feel confident that I can continue improve the dog from here. Definitely recommend. 


 Week 7 Blues!

Hi Lee,

I thought Finn was sick/had eaten a toad last night. Coz around 7pm he was acting strange and wouldn't touch his fresh kangaroo mince and chicken necks (which he loves) and he was head butting the garage door and pacing around sooking... then my hubby said "it's Monday, I think he misses his training" and that was it !!! He knew it was time to go... so funny! Anyway we took them for a night stroll to take his mind off it....

Belinda and Finn
Border Collie

Walking Two Dogs Workshop Testimonials

Hi Lee

Thank you again for a fantastic year! It was only in February this year that I would dread taking my boys for a walk. I had never heard of a haltie!

Jasper was listening to Mat and not me and Stanley had more engery than I thought was ever possible for one dog! But now, thanks to your fantastic business, I really, really enjoy spending time with my boys and taking them out for walks every day! It is crazy how much they have changed for the better. We are all so much happier and for that I just can't thank you enough!

From Hollie
German Shepherd &  Labrador

Many thanks for a great workshop Lee.

Walking my 2 dogs is such a pleasure.................they now listen, and don't have to be the boss, because they know I am!
Thanks again for your help – I'm very glad I came along.

German Shepherd and Border Collie

Hi Lee

Far too cold for me to walk them in the morning! But took them out this afternoon and we were SO much better - I came back from our walk feeling relaxed! Jet was so improved, and doesn't mind walking on the right at all. My arms were almost swinging freely - pretty close - I was happy! The only thing I really have to work on is getting them both to sit when we stop somewhere, if I want them to. Will work on this.

Thanks for the tips - I am so glad I came - amazing what can be achieved with professional advice!

Belgian Shepherd & Border Collie

Clipping & Grooming Workshop Testimonials

Hi Lee,

Feedback on the workshop. I had a really good time. It's not hard to tell Paul [K9Kapers] has been doing this for years! Paul was really knowledgeable and I thought his past experiences have given way to real helpful tips. I'm reasonably confident that I can manage with Homer. The clippers finally came and I gave him a clip as he stood on the wheelie bin. I don't think I'll be giving up my day job anytime too soon! I think I'll grow in confidence with experience. The encouragement to keep at it and give it a go is the important message I've taken from the session. There were several breeds there on the night and we all got helpful information for our specific breed. I don't think there is a specific area that was poorly covered or missed. I'd definitely recommend the workshop, there's plenty to learn! Hope the feedback helps.

Gavin and Holmer

Agility Testimonials

Thanks for a great agility session today – loved the A – frame!

Cheers, Merle

I wanted to say again how great your class was today! It was just fantastic to see how quickly all of the dogs became familiar with the A frame - A great confidence building exercise for both dogs and their owners!


Puppy Pre-School Testimonials 

Its great to bring another puppy to your school. We have all been outside calling his name and getting him to sit and wait.
( the sit part is going good the wait needs some work). Sumo is such a fantastic dog with such a beautiful nature which I put a large part of this down to the fantastic skills we learned while at the puppy school and obedience class.

see you on Sat

Jo & Hen