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Walking Two Dogs Workshop

Workshop Duration: 1 hour

By appointment

Fees: $75

Walking two dogs at the same time can be a challenge. One dog wants to sniff, while the other wants to charge ahead, exercising his will power and his body! Sound familiar?

Attending our Walking 2 Dogs Workshop will empower you with determination, to master the skill and the ease of walking your dogs at the same time.

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to this activity.

No need to make excuses, just do it... attend our Walking 2 Dogs Workshop.

What we cover in the Walking 2 Dogs Workshop:

Assessing both dogs
  • Establishing the hierarchy
  • Attention

  • Dominance

  • Pace

  • Position for walking

  • Equipment

What to expect from our Walking 2 Dogs Workshop:

  • Absolute bliss, when walking your dogs together
  • Control
  • Understanding position
  • Collar & Lead choices
  • You and your dogs will benefit from the exercise and walking as a “pack”


  • suitable footware

  • suitable clothing!

  • appropriate collars and leads [we have these available]

Bookings essential

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